Einius Žiūkas

Hey! I'm Einius Žiūkas from Lithuania/Vilnius. I was born in 1990, started skating in 2002. Since then skateboaring became a huge part of my life and I never stopped. Always attending extreme-sports events and photo/video projects. Beside skateboaring I like travelling and discovering new cultures. As well as good indie music been one of my biggest inspirations for decades. Follow me on: @eziuk facebook.com/einius.ziukas

Simonas Norkus

Hola! I’m Simonas Norkus from Lithuania , Palanga, 20 years old. Studying in Vilnius. Riding small bikes since 2007. Participating in various contest , but the most favourite thing in bmx – video projects! Other hobbies : film/digital photography , travelling for sure! Follow me on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/simonnork/ http://simonnork.tumblr.com/